METALCOAT headquarter is in Bergamo town center and has renovated its offices moving in a larger and more functioning headquarter. The new address -via Stoppani 10/c- is in downtown, buti s more practical for clients. It’s located in a offices and residential stylish district near to Bergamo highway toll booth. METALCOAT headquarter has many car parking in neighborhood and the interiors -150 square meters- is comfortable and wellcoming, but also very operational. The new and prestigious headquarter is a great example of architectural redevelopment that combines ancient and modern style: the same elegance is reflected in METALCOAT method of operations, that uses highest and well-tested standars, offering innovative and modern ideas.

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Who we are

METALCOAT with its sales department is situated in Bergamo. We work with the domestic and international markets,offering our solid experience in aluminium prepainted sheets.


Via Stoppani, 10/C - 24121 Bergamo (Italy)

(+39) 035.246509

(+39) 035.4133795