METALCOAT for the architectural redevelopment of motorway tunnels

Also for this year 2019 as for the previous one, Metalcoat, through its certified customer, supplies the semi-finished material for the production of pre-painted aluminum panels used for the architectural requalification and the restructuring of all the highway tunnels of the national territory. Excellent are the feedback collected in the field in the numerous technical interviews carried out with site managers involved in the installation. Following the important experience of use, it emerges that the panels made with pre-painted Metalcoat aluminum, are characterized by an excellent simplicity of installation and an incredible resistance of the product to the natural and anthropogenic chemical agents that are typically found in road tunnels . The pre-painted aluminum used in road tunnels also has characteristics of difficult sedimentation of the powders with the consequent preservation of the reflectance to the artificial light that gives the tunnels in which the material is used a bright and clean appearance. Currently the most used color is white, it is possible to apply a particular “anti-graffiti” finishing that makes the product easily stainable following the majority of vandalism performed with spray paints.

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Who we are

METALCOAT with its sales department is situated in Bergamo. We work with the domestic and international markets,offering our solid experience in aluminium prepainted sheets.


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