Aluminum Trend the new Metalcoat tool

Recent developments in the world socio-political situation have created strong variations in the market price of raw and semi-finished aluminum. Following the extreme variability of the market price of the raw material, Metalcoat has implemented on its web portal an effective tool that allows visitors to get to know the company's products and at the same time, as a free service, to monitor the trend in the price of the raw material. The tool is based on the daily updates of the London Metal Exchange LMEĀ® and other authoritative operators who professionally monitor wholesale metal prices. Metalcoat, always attentive to the needs of its customers, hopes that the infinite potential of prepainted aluminum can offer all of us a better world in the project of green sustainability.

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Who we are

METALCOAT with its sales department is situated in Bergamo. We work with the domestic and international markets,offering our solid experience in aluminium prepainted sheets.


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