Branding evolution for Alusteel Coating, Metalcoat and Aleu

Alusteel Coating, Metalcoat and Aleu strengthen their bond with a branding evolution project. This is why, alongside the Alusteel Coating and Aleu logos, the hummingbird appears, which already characterised the Metalcoat logo. This addition traces an unmistakable family feeling and identity that the three companies have in common - a perfect example of know-how, high technology, dedication to excellence, and attention to the customer that are the typical expression of the most authentic ‘Made in Italy’ attitude.

The branding evolution operation focuses on harmony and an essential graphic sign. The logos have a common appearance with the same font, but arranged with different weights and colours, and they have been designed to be perfectly balanced between the three organisations that work in perfect synergy. Together, they are a point of reference in the world of aluminium alloy and steel semi-finished products. Green is the colour associated with Alusteel Coating, blue and red those of Metalcoat, and red and white for Aleu. Alusteel Coating, Metalcoat and Aleu have a common identity and mission: to establish themselves in the coil coating world as authentic ateliers of steel and aluminium processing, capable of meeting any semi-finished product painting request and satisfying the specific needs, providing companies in the naval, automobile, and industry sector in general with maximum freedom of personalisation and always guaranteeing
exceptional quality.

The identity of this group of companies is expressed perfectly by the characteristics of the small bird, whose extraordinary wing movement allows it to achieve unthinkable feats of flight, symbolising the extreme versatility of Alusteel Coating, Metalcoat, and Aleu, as well as the ability to meet multiple requirements, whereas the bright colours of the plumage represent the countless painting solutions the companies offer.

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Who we are

METALCOAT with its sales department is situated in Bergamo. We work with the domestic and international markets,offering our solid experience in aluminium prepainted sheets.


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